Australian Technology Network of Universities — Frontiers

ATN Frontiers is an innovative professional development program for Australia’s next generation of PhD and research masters students.

Focusing on the future of research and work, ATN Frontiers develops HDR students’ knowledge, skills, and ability to shape the future of innovation and productivity in industry. The program supports students to become the work-creators of the future, fostering their ambitions and providing them the skills to take their research further into their careers and industry.

ATN Frontiers is co-created and delivered by expert academic and practitioner staff across Australian Technology Network (ATN). Students will also hear from industry professionals and will connect with peers from across disciplines.

In an ever-changing world, we are constantly faced with disruptors which have the potential to impact the workplace, research, and innovation. ATN Frontiers promotes the graduation of highly employable researchers who will have developed skills to identify potential disruptors, understand the skills and tools that will help to address, control, and drive these disruptors, and thus be better prepared to fill employment gaps that may not yet exist. The employability skills developed by participation in ATN Frontiers allow graduates to better imagine, understand and effectively shape the future – not simply understand the present.

ATN Frontiers is suitable for students across all academic, professional, and cultural backgrounds, as it is designed for a diverse cohort of PhD and research masters students.

ATN Frontiers is free of charge to eligible students from ATN member universities.

The program consists of three levels of modules for candidates to complete sequentially:

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