ATN National IP Principles

In an Australian first, the ATN have united to take a standardised approach to Intellectual Property (IP). Our seven principles are the basis on which ATN universities operate when it comes to doing business with industry. Our industry partners can be confident that when dealing with any of our four leading, technology focused, universities across Australia, the approach to IP will be consistent.

The ATN’s national approach will:

  • Actively promote greater commercialisation of university research by reducing barriers and complexities.
  • Increase collaboration between industry partners and researchers from our four members.
  • Be responsive to industry needs by ensuring we act in a pragmatic, flexible and agile manner.
  • Respect the tight timeframes and unique requirements of individual businesses.
  • This means that industry can be reassured they will have a similar engagement experience, based on agreed principles, with a network of leading, technology focussed, universities, right across Australia.

IP Principles

The ATN universities’ approach to managing intellectual property is based on the following principles:

  1. We actively encourage students and staff to undertake research that is relevant to challenges faced by society and in partnership with industry, government and community groups.
  2. As guided by our industry partners, we encourage them to own and take the lead in commercialisation of intellectual property generated from industry funded research when they are best placed to do so.
  3. Where access to university owned or jointly owned IP is necessary or beneficial for commercialisation we support access to the IP based on fair and equitable terms, in a timely manner.
  4. Our interactions with industry will be governed by a transparent, flexible and user-friendly system that supports and encourages engagement using a range of IP models.
  5. Each university will make public our Intellectual Property Policies and Standard Commercial Agreement templates, to provide a simple and transparent framework.
  6. We actively encourage and promote an entrepreneurial culture for our staff and students. This includes a system of support to facilitate the creation of new ventures where our staff and students are appropriately involved.
  7. All partnerships and resultant commercial agreements will be developed and negotiated in a prompt manner and in keeping with these core principles.

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