We are really excited to launch Election Watch during the Federal Election campaign. Over the course of the six-week campaign, Election Watch will offer:

  • Portfolio Watch and Portfolio Alerts: keeping you updated on policy and funding announcements for higher education.
  • Leader Tracker: providing weekly updates about where the leaders have travelled to and what this means.
  • ATN Experts: ATN experts will provide analysis on key themes throughout the campaign.
  • International Student Voices: an analysis of international student sentiment.
  • Voter Voices: voter sentiment in key geographical locations.

Catch up on Election Watch below:

Election Watch Week One

Election Watch Week Two

Election Watch Week Three

Election Watch Week Four

Election Watch Week Five

atn election watch | atn experts podcast


Election Watch – Episode Four (Energy and Climate)

Doctor Carol Bond
RMIT University

Election Watch – Episode Three (Tax and the Economy)

Professor Helen Hodgson & Doctor Leonora Risse
Curtin University & RMIT University

Election Watch – Episode Two (Health)

Professor Adrian Esterman
University of South Australia

Election Watch – Episode One (Politics)

Professor John Philimore
Curtin University

ATN election watch vodcast | in association with the lygon group


election watch social media analysis | in association with the lygon group

As part of our Election Watch coverage, ATN has partnered with The Lygon Group to get inside the minds of voters by analysing voter sentiment on social media. What issues are most important to voters? How will these issues impact the election campaign as we edge closer to the polling booth?