Level 1: Foundations of the Future 

Level 1 of ATN Frontiers consists of core learning modules studied online within a 4-week learning period. These modules consist of self-paced and directed learning about the potential changes in societal needs, research capabilities and technological advances, along with the possible influencers and disruptions that may impact on our futures.

Level 1 modules are interdisciplinary. Modules introduce theories and predictions about the potential developments/futures of each topic, consider the disruptors that could impact on these futures, and seek to understand how researchers and industry can best prepare for this future. Level 1 modules contain 6-8 hours of online material, along with 2 hours of live online facilitated workshops with content experts.


Students who complete Level 1 of ATN Frontiers will develop the ability to:

  • Appreciate the types of changes in societal needs, research capabilities and technological sophistication that may impact our future and employability within it
  • Recognise and explain potential disruptors of a future area of work or research
  • Explore the potential impacts/outcomes of that disruptor
  • Identify tools and strategies to address these changes
  • Develop individual learning/development plans that determine which tools and strategies would help you to influence and shape this future and your place within it, and
  • Consider the social, environmental and ethical implications of these changes.

Students who successfully complete a level 1 module will receive a digital certificate, digital credential (which can be added to LinkedIn) and will be invited to join the ATN Frontiers Alumni Community. Students who have successfully completed a level 1 module will have:

  • achieved 85% or more of the online learning activities; and
  • attended the live online workshop(s).


The Future Professional

The Future of Work and Innovation

The Future of Data

The Future of Collaboration

The Future of Leadership

The Future of Communication

The Future of Technology 

The Future of Project Management