Hear from industry

Liz Forsyth

Northcott Innovation Executive Director

“UTS have been progressive in their approach to IP, seeing projects to fruition has trumped dogmatic ownership rights. UTS’ Easy Access IP agreement has given Northcott the opportunity and commercial incentive to exploit the IP rights of our project. The best outcomes have come when all parties can agree on the tasks required to balance academic R&D outcomes with product development. One action that positively supported this balance has been seconding a UTS staff member to Northcott for a period of time to solely focus on the path to commercialisation..Another action which positively supported the project collaboration was Northcott co-locating themselves within UTS for the project duration. This has positively impacted on the communication and innovation required to facilitate the project’s success.” Read more…

Peter Clarke

Former CEO Scanalyse

“There’s a lot of very good science that goes on in universities and a lot of that science can be turned into products. It’s not a process which happens overnight. You have to be prepared to have a reasonably long term relationship with the university so both parties get to know each other and understand what it is they can deliver.” Read more…