The set-up for Jobs and Skills Australia: no special space for unis

15 September 2022

[9 September | Campus Morning Mail] 

The Senate committee inquiring into the two bills to establish JSA recommends them

Its report appeared late yesterday. More legislation will follow to get the operating structure, but submissions to this inquiry and the resulting report set a context.

The committee finds a need for change in the training system, in part to end the, “disconnect that has developed between the national training system and the needs of industry and workers” and to drop the previous government’s detrimental directing resources to private providers.

And it notes the tripartite operating model in the bills – government, unions and industry – is consistent with the approach at last week’s summit, “to bring people together, find common ground, and develop consensus solutions to pressing economic challenges.”

The committee also notes, but only notes, the Group of Eight’s call for universities to be formally recognised in JSA functions and the Australian Technology Network and RMIT ideas for the agency to cover everything post-school.