ATN delivers research engagement and impact for all Australians

29 March 2019

The Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) welcomes the Australian Research Council’s Engagement and Impact Assessment 2018-19 National Report. The ATN has long advocated for the Engagement and Impact Assessment and are glad to see that 90 per cent of all ATN assessed research has medium or high impact.

“As universities exist for public benefit – impact matters and it is vital this is measured and shared,” says ATN Acting Executive Director Alec Webb.

The ATN is committed to ensuring our research not only benefits our local community, but also addresses areas of national importance, societal challenges, global trends and improves the productivity and prosperity of Australia and a key measure of this is research impact.

“This week has been an important week for the research activities of Australian universities with the release of Excellence in Research for Australia which highlighted the outstanding quality of Australian research, and with the release of Engagement and Impact Assessment demonstrating the depth of engagement and impact activities across Australia.

“The Engagement and Impact Assessment highlights the breadth of research and engagement activities that Australian universities are undertaking, and this assessment is an important step in measuring the critical area of impact for research,” says Mr Webb.

The ATN is proud to release our Case Studies on Research Impact: Real World Meaning with Real World Impact. This collection of short research case studies can be found here