ATN expertise harnessed in research reviews

1 July 2020

ATN Universities welcome the opportunity to share its expertise in today’s announced working groups, which are tasked with reviewing Australia’s research and development funding systems.

Australia’s research ecosystem is diverse and multifaceted, and it is important that this is maintained, encompassing basic greenfield research to translational and problem-solving research.

Australia’s research system is underpinned by all universities and research organisations. It produces research that has impact globally, locally and within our communities, and helps solve some of the wicked problems we face.

The Minister announced today the membership of the two working groups: National Priorities and Industry Linkages Fund working group and the Research Sustainability Funding working group.

With the ATN Chair, Professor Attila Brungs, on both working groups, it will ensure that there is coordination between how Australia funds industry-focused learning and teaching and how we conduct research in partnership with industry. This maintains a vital link between research and teaching that is the cornerstone of Australia’s university system. In addition, the contributions of University of South Australia’s Professor David Lloyd and Curtin University’s Professor Deborah Terry ensure that ATN’s voice will be well represented.

ATN commends the Minister on the balanced representation of the sector on these groups and looks forward to contributing to these important future casting discussions.

From Luke Sheehy, ATN Executive Director:

“ATN universities welcome the opportunity to help shape the future of Australia’s university research system.

“Our universities are leaders in impactful, industry-engaged research. We know how important strengthening this will be, particularly during our economic recovery.

“We acknowledge Minister Tehan’s effort to ensure these two committees represent the wide range of voices across Australia’s universities.”