ATN NCP Announcement

20 October 2019

Following the announcement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs last week regarding the 2020 New Colombo Plan Scholarships, ATN is pleased to announce our successful awarding of New Colombo Plan (NCP) funding for the ATN Technology and Innovation Internships to Indonesia. ATN has secured multi-year funding for 197 students to undertake short term study programs and semester long internships in Indonesia, with grants totalling $883,300.

This funding will expand and strengthen our relationships with the burgeoning technology sector in Indonesia, and provide meaningful and valuable international experiences for students throughout the ATN. The Indonesian government has recently announced a 300% super tax incentive for industry to invest in research and development, and this funding will also contribute to the development of our relationship and exposure to key technology industry. In the coming weeks we look forward to working with everyone throughout the ATN to coordinate an integrated strategy that matches teaching and research strengths with potential industry partners in Indonesia.

For more information regarding the ATN Technology and Innovation Internships, please contact:

Shaun Wellbourne-Wood
Australian Technology Network (ATN)
Country Manager – Indonesia

Mobile / WhatApp +62 8111 4000 59
Skype: shaun.ww