11 July 2022

The Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) shares the Government’s goals for a more productive workforce, better jobs and more opportunities for Australians to get ahead and reach their aspirations. We welcome the Government’s Jobs and Skills Summit to be held in September and the Employment White Paper process to follow. On both these important measures we stand ready to contribute.

ATN universities currently partner with industry to drive the future of skills and jobs in Australia. These partnerships are crucial to delivering over 1.1 million new people that are needed in the workforce by 2026. Nine out of ten of these people will require a post-school education and almost 60 per cent of them will require a university level education. Australia’s future skills needs will require a balanced and sustainable approach to retaining the skills of international graduates in key disciplines.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has already backed the Tech Council of Australia’s goal of delivering 1.2 million tech jobs by 2030. ATN is an anchor partner for this initiative and together with major tech employers we are bringing new approaches to get Australians into high-value, high-wage tech jobs and enable businesses to employ more Australians.

ATN joined with the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) earlier this year to urge the Government to establish the Skills Forum – a three-way partnership between industry, universities and government to drive the national skills agenda. Together, we can provide a bridge to the global economy and pool of skills and reform post-school education to meet emerging and priority skills needs.

The ATN Industry Advisory Panel has also been formed to harness university and industry expertise to shape the entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystem and recommend key changes and initiatives that address acute and immediate skills challenges.

ATN universities are ready and willing to participate in this national dialogue aimed at creating a fairer and more highly skilled future for all Australians.


Quotes attributable to ATN Executive Director, Mr Luke Sheehy:

“Our commitment to skilling Australians extends from school right through their working life and the Summit and White Paper should embrace the role that universities play in improving the skills of our workforce.

“ATN universities are focused on enterprise, impact and finding solutions to issues facing our economy and society – we are recognised by industry for our role in helping Australians get the skills they need throughout their careers.

“ATN looks forward to playing an active part in the Summit and White Paper process announced by the Prime Minister.”


ATN universities ready to drive jobs and skills