24 October 2022

The strength of Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) members will be recognised in the Federal Budget by the Albanese Government, with the allocation of 4,461 additional Commonwealth funded university places.

ATN Universities Executive Director, Luke Sheehy, has congratulated the Government on delivering what was a key election promise for the higher education sector.

“This will provide increased opportunity for more students from diverse backgrounds to be able to undertake study in their preferred area, it will make them job ready,” Mr Sheehy said.

“Ensuring all Australians, regardless of background or circumstance, can access education is a passion of ATN. Our universities firmly believe that access and equity in Australia’s education system is critically important to drive opportunity and fairness in our society.

“ATN Universities will be at the forefront of meeting the national skills challenge and have proved to be the most inclusive in the country, providing access to education to those who have often been overlooked.”

The overall 20,000 additional places will make it easier for Australians currently under-represented in higher education to find a place at university.

ATN’s allocation is 22 per cent of all new places delivered to universities nationally. ATN Universities, Curtin University and The University of Newcastle, are among the top five higher education providers receiving the most funding for additional places.

“ATN will continue to work closely with the Federal Government to ensure that, together, we can deliver the skilled workforce Australia needs.”