29 November 2018

The Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) welcomes the Opposition’s commitment to Australian science and research, outlined in last night’s address by the Leader of the Opposition.

ATN Executive Director Renee Hindmarsh says the release of the statement is an important step in furthering Australia’s position as a global leader in innovation.

‘The ATN welcomes the Opposition’s mission to engage with Australian scientists and researchers to improve Australia’s capacity for innovation, economic growth and productivity, said Ms Hindmarsh.

Recognising the important role science plays in securing Australia’s future prosperity, the ATN also welcome’s Labor’s commitment to lifting Australian spending on Research and Development from 1.8 per cent of GDP to 3 per cent.

‘We know first-hand that real world research drives innovation, economic development and social change which would enable Australia to continue to be internationally competitive.

‘A core part of the ATN’s mission has been promoting collaboration between universities and industry through our real-world approach,’ says Ms Hindmarsh.

The Opposition’s commitment is an important step in guiding the long-term direction for science and research in Australia. The investment would highlight the necessity of partnerships between research and industry in innovation for the future of our country.