2 August 2022

The Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) is at the centre of getting Australia to 1.2 million tech jobs by 2030 as outlined in the tech workforce roadmap released today by the Tech Council of Australia and the Digital Skills Organisation. ATN universities will play a vital role in educating, upskilling and reskilling 650,000 new tech workers from Australia and abroad.

ATN is delighted to be anchor partners with the Tech Council and the Digital Skills Organisation in their goal to transform the way Australia attracts and trains workers through the Digital Employment Forum. This has produced the key report Getting to 1.2 million: Our roadmap to create a thriving Australian tech workforce being launched today.

The roadmap highlights solutions requiring industry working in partnership with universities, other education providers and the Government:

  1. a new modern Australian Digital Apprenticeship
  2. defining the skills and pathways needed to get into tech jobs
  3. better ways of using and recognising innovative education and training
  4. improving support for women to transition into tech jobs
  5. conducting ongoing data analysis and tech workforce planning in conjunction with Jobs and Skills Australia.

ATN universities currently partner with industry to drive the future of skills and jobs in Australia. These partnerships are crucial to delivering over 1.2 million new people that are needed in the workforce by 2030. Nine out of ten of these people will require a post-school education and almost 60 per cent of them will require a university level education.

ATN has long advocated for a tertiary education system that prepares Australians from all backgrounds with the skills and capabilities they need to succeed. The introduction of the legislation to establish Jobs and Skills Australia in the first sitting week of the 47th Parliament proves this is a priority for the Albanese Government.
Earlier this year, ATN joined with the Australian Industry Group (Ai Group) to urge the Government to establish a three-way partnership between industry, universities and government to drive the national skills agenda.

Together, we can provide a bridge to the global economy and pool of skills and reform post-school education to meet emerging and priority skills needs. We look forward to working in partnership with Government towards achieving these goals.

220802 – ATN Media Release – Australian jobs and skills – a key priority in launch of tech jobs roadmap