16 February 2022

Workers looking to upskill and retrain and graduates about to enter the workforce and looking to shape their future careers will benefit from the new easy access short course, Designing Your Future, being launched by Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) today.

The short course is split into three stages. The first stage, Designing Success, is free of charge, open to all and involves 15 hours of self-paced online learning. Those completing Designing Success will gain a toolbox to solve problems, determine what they want in a career, and take practical steps towards their career goals.

The second and third stages, Designing for You and Designing Your Career, each involve 30 hours of online learning. Those who complete stages two and three will have a detailed plan for their future career, a suite of skills for enacting that plan, and a clear overview of opportunities to upskill themselves for continual success.

This world-leading and career-boosting short course is the culmination of an ATN universities international collaboration with Stanford University and has been adapted for both the Australian job and career context.

Quotes attributable to ATN Executive Director, Mr Luke Sheehy:

“Designing Your Future will support workers to successfully navigate the working world, whatever their experience and background.
“Designing Your Future continues a long record of ATN innovation in delivering accessible, practical education that enhances employability and builds successful careers.”