Better coordinated tertiary policy to drive jobs through new Department: ATN

5 December 2019

Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) welcomes upcoming machinery of government changes announced today by the Prime Minister.

The amalgamation of the Department of Education and the Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family business to become the Department of Education, Skills and Employment will provide a strong basis for linking job growth to Australia’s vocational education and training and higher education systems.

With around nine out of ten new jobs to be created in Australia in the coming years requiring a post-secondary qualification, the new Department structure can deliver a more integrated policy to address our skills and jobs challenges, including lifting participation in vocational as well as higher education.

ATN Executive Director Luke Sheehy said the new Department can implement positive reforms in tertiary education and will be beneficial for the sector.

“With a whole of tertiary education focus critical to ensuring Australians have the skills for the secure, well-paid jobs of the future, the creation of a new Department is a positive step towards closer integration between vocational education and training, higher education and job creation.”