Boosting commercial returns from research supported by Industry - ATN Research Industry Advisory Board

The ATN Research Industry Advisory Board provides regular industry insight to the higher education and research sector. 

The Board welcomes and supports the objectives of the Government’s Boosting commercial returns from research (BCRR) discussion paper. 

Australia excels at creating world-class research. However, Australia performs poorly at transferring knowledge from that high quality research between the university sector and industry, to maximise the economic and social benefits of the research. 

The ATN Research Industry Advisory Board therefore welcomes efforts by Government that will improve collaboration between universities and industry. The international competitiveness of Australian business will be boosted if more research is translated into successful and innovative commercial outcomes. 

The ATN Research Industry Advisory Board members strongly support the goals of the Boosting commercial returns for research paper

Mr Philip Marcus Clark AM


JP Morgan Advisory Council

Dr Peter Burn


Director-Public Policy, AiGroup

Mr Greg Stone


Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft Australia

Dr Laurie Hammond


Board Member Innovation Australia

Ms Sally Coutts


Manager Research – Crisis Services, Salvation Army

Professor David Parry


Principal Advisor – Environment, Rio Tinto

Dr Paul Vogel


Chair of WA EPA

Professor John Dewar


Vice-Chancellor, La Trobe University and Chair of the IRU

Dr Bronwyn Evans


CEO Standards Australia

Mr Chris Leptos AM


Non-Executive Director

Mr Colin Beckett


Chancellor, Curtin University

Professor Peter Høj


Vice-Chancellor, The University of Queensland

About the ATN Research Industry Advisory Board

Established in 2013, the ATN Research Industry Advisory Board is an independent, bipartisan group comprising leaders from the business community and the not-for-profit sector. 

The ATN Research Industry Advisory Board provides objective, industry-based insights and advice to the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN). The Chair of the Innovative Research Universities (IRU) Group and a representative of the Group of Eight (Go8) Universities are similarly privy to the advice of the Board. 

ATN Research Industry Advisory Board members are committed to seeing the value of Australian research realised by end-users in industry and the community, and volunteer their time toward that ambition.