Commitment to accessible higher education system welcomed

5 April 2019

The Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) welcomes Labor’s budget reply speech, highlighting its recommitment to restoring the demand driven system and to rebuilding TAFE as part of a quality Australian post-secondary education system.

The ATN welcomes Labor’s promise that TAFE and university would be seen as two important but complementary parts of a critical tertiary education system, whilst supporting lifelong learning.

“A well supported system would allow for choice and diversity in our education sector and drive the skills and knowledge needed for the future workforce,” ATN Chair Professor Attila Brungs says.

The ATN strongly supports an inclusive, accessible and affordable university system, where all who merit a place can go to university, regardless of background or means.

“It is imperative that the demand driven system is restored to ensure students from all backgrounds can access a wide range of university places. This ensures that our whole nation can benefit from a rich of pool of talent participating in higher education and into the future of work,” Professor Brungs said.

The ATN universities are committed to equity and inclusion for positive opportunities in technology and research. which supports the economic, social and cultural prosperity of our communities.