Critical balance achieved in development of foreign interference guidelines: ATN

14 November 2019

The guidelines released today by the University Foreign Interference Taskforce provide a valuable foundation from which Australia’s universities can now confidently collaborate internationally.

ATN Chair Professor Attila Brungs said this was a timely initiative and paid tribute to Education Minister Tehan on his consultative approach. The work of the Taskforce achieved a proportionate approach to safeguarding Australia’s national security and intellectual property whilst preserving our fundamental national values of openness and collaboration.

In a world of emerging complexity, the guidelines add to existing individual university protections, which have been crucial to the success of Australia’s world-class research.

“Australia’s long-term national interest is at the heart of everything a university does. Societal benefit as well as ethical, human rights and security considerations are at the forefront of our research collaborations,” Professor Brungs said.

“Increasing our focus on cybersecurity and sharing other best practice will be key to Australia keeping the international research collaboration engine running, which is vital for progress of humanity and Australia’s economic prosperity.”

ATN looks forward to using the guidelines that enhance existing university policies.

ATN acknowledges the heavy lifting undertaken by the members of the University Foreign Interference Taskforce and all the support officers from government in establishing this framework so expeditiously.