New university places to meet increased demand

30 September 2020

Today’s announcement by Education Minister, Dan Tehan, MP to allocate an additional $326 million in the Budget for new university places, the equivalent of 12,000 new students in 2021, recognises the importance of higher education in Australia’s economic and social recovery.

There is already a remarkable surge in interest, both from the class of 2020 who want to attend university in 2021, as well as from workers impacted by the rise of unemployment as a result of the economic impact of COVID-19.

ATN have long advocated for a sector that is diverse, inclusive and open to all those who seek to further their education, and we look forward to further detail on this measure, as well as short courses and research funding in next week’s budget.

Universities are important public institutions, and they play an integral role particularly in troubled economic times by equipping students with the skills they and the economy need.

ATN’s pre-budget submission, which focused on just participation, pivoting pathways and productive partnerships can be accessed here

Comments attributed to Mr Luke Sheehy, ATN Executive Director:

“It is a responsible call by the Government to allocate this extra funding, recognising a surge in demand for places at universities in 2021”.

“ATN has always supported measures that enhance our ability to provide the highest quality education to all who want to attend university”.