Pre-budget submission says resources are needed to ensure successful reform

23 February 2023

There is no doubt that the Albanese Government is already making serious headway on landmark reform processes. The Universities Accord, Employment White Paper and migration reform will fundamentally shape the future of jobs, skills and the workforce in Australia. ATN is deeply engaged with developing these important Government initiatives. It is important that these reforms are allowed to run their full course and develop recommendations that focus on the medium and long term. Our view is that these processes, particularly the Universities Accord, must be adequately resourced for them to fulfill their grand scopes and meet ambitions of all involved.

The Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) has delivered nine recommendations, under three core functions of universities, to the Albanese Government ahead of Treasurer Jim Chalmer’s 2023-24 Budget.

The Government can take action now on addressing short term and interim issues with the Australian post-18 education system, economy and workforce without prejudicing those reforms. This is needed to ensure that our higher education system has the stability and sustainability we need while undertaking these important reforms.

The recommendations are:

Teaching and learning

  1. Encourage study in national priorities
  2. Support students to make the most of university
  3. Make work-integrated learning the norm

Research and innovation

  1. Enable universities to be research intensive and diverse
  2. Value community and industry engagement
  3. Enable Government and business investment in universities

International education

  1. Make education and research core to Asia-Pacific development
  2. Support a new international education strategy
  3. Focus on the international student experience