STEM Scholarship

4 April 2023

STEM Scholarship

ATN is extremely proud to have been a key sponsor of the Science Meets Parliament 2023 scholarships with Science and Technology Australia, supporting some of Australia’s brightest emerging STEM talent.

The scholarships were awarded in six categories this year – First Nations, LGBTQIA+, Rural and Remote, Disability, Neurodivergent and Technology.

Science & Technology Australia reported that: “Our Technology Scholarship – generously sponsored by the Australian Technology Network of Universities – is awarded to Dr Hannah Jarman (Deakin University – Executive Dean Research Fellow). Dr Hannah Jarman’s research focuses on the complex, far-reaching influences of digital technology, including social media, on body image and well-being.

“Dr Jarman’s award-winning and internationally recognised research explores how information is communicated online, how networks develop, and the impact of use on young people. Dr Jarman focuses on evidence-based prevention and intervention efforts which aim to mitigate harmful effects of social media. Alongside her research, she also works with stakeholders to translate research findings and promote awareness and education within the community, including mental health charities and global corporations.

“Dr Jarman recently consulted with mental health organisations to create a coalition submission to the Australian government to inform the development of a new Children’s Data Code regarding online data.

“Our LGBTQIA+ Scholarship – generously sponsored by the Australian Technology Network of Universities – is awarded to Shai Strampel, a PhD student at the Griffith Institute for Drug Recovery at Griffith University in Brisbane, Australia.

“Shai’s research focuses on enhancing the delivery of therapeutic cargo by developing a generic approach for controlling RNA encapsulation in protein nanocages. Additionally, Shai holds a professional staff position at Griffith University where she supports the Griffith Sciences PASS program.

“Shai’s proud to have received the LGBTQIA+ scholarship as it aligns with her personal and professional goals of promoting diversity and inclusivity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields.