Students at the heart of improved admissions transparency

Students at the CafThe Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) welcomes recommendations to improve transparency for prospective students, in a report released by the Higher Education Standards panel today.

ATN Executive Director, Renee Hindmarsh says improved transparency in the higher education admissions system will allow students to make better informed choices about their future study.

“Developing consistent terminology and definitions across the sector will allow students to compare admissions information from any university in a simple and user-friendly manner, giving students greater confidence in their decisions about future study.

The demand driven system has made higher education a reality for many Australians, resulting in more and more students entering through non-traditional school to university pathways.

“The ATN supports using the Basis of Admission (BoA) as a mode of providing transparency and clarity the sector and prospective students. It would allow those with aspirations to study in particular discipline areas, and those who have not come from traditional university pathways to see what is possible.

“Identifying and collecting more nuanced demographic information such as basis of admission will also assist universities to better target support and intervention services to ensure students succeed in their studies,” Ms Hindmarsh says.

Collectively, ATN universities represent 20 per cent of higher education enrolments in Australia, and 22 per cent of the country’s international students.

“At the heart of the ATN’s mission is to provide every Australian the opportunity to pursue a world-class university education regardless of their social or economic background, ethnicity, gender or postcode.

“We are pleased to see that many of the recommendations put forth by the ATN have been captured in the report and look forward to working with the Government on their implementation.” Ms Hindmarsh says.