9 May 2022

A new technology skills passport developed by the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) will help equip workers with the skills they need in the rapidly growing tech sector under a $5 million election commitment, announced today by the Coalition.

The tech skills passport will help workers match their existing skills and experience with the needs of the tech sector and navigate a pathway through the university and vocational education sector.

This initiative will build on ATN universities’ long tradition of preparing students to engage and shape the world of work through flexible, adaptive and innovative education.

Australia will need almost 300,000 new tech workers by 2025. Australia will need 12,000 university and VET graduates and 60,000 upskilled and reskilled workers more than we are currently preparing.

ATN universities will partner with vocational education providers and the tech industry to co-design, deliver and recognise skills, and provide career support to help people make the most of their skills.

The tech skills passport will also benefit from the work ATN has done with Designing Your Future – a short course that equips workers with a toolbox to solve problems, determine what they want in a career, and take practical steps towards their career goals.

Quotes attributable to ATN Chair, Professor Iain Martin:

“This initiative is an answer to ATN’s calls for the Government to partner with universities and industry to deliver solutions to fill urgent and persistent skills requirements, flexibly meet emerging needs, and create a vision to address Australia’s challenges and opportunities.”

“A three-way partnership between universities, industry and the Government is crucial to delivering better outcomes for industry, workers and the economy.”

Quotes attributable to ATN Executive Director, Mr Luke Sheehy:

“We are proud to have the opportunity to develop a tech skills passport which builds on the very best of ATN universities’ experience in preparing students for the world of work, delivering innovative education options, and partnering with industry and vocational education.”


ATN – Tech Skills Passport Pathway to a Job