Trailblazer universities to follow ATN’s lead

25 November 2021

The Trailblazer Universities initiative announced yesterday by the Prime Minister is an affirmation of the enterprising and industry engaged approach of the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN). This initiative will support the kind of research commercialisation activities that ATN universities are leading in.

ATN welcomes this $242.7 million investment into four research and industry hubs that will allow researchers to find business partners and help to secure investment by entrepreneurs and job creators.

This announcement is a recognition by the Federal Government of the role of universities in Australia’s economy. It signals that the Government wants to expand universities’ capacity to work closely with industry to develop the next generation of research-enabled products, technologies and businesses.

ATN fully supports these aims.

In developing this policy, it is important that any arrangements arising out of this initiative recognise the importance of rapid commercial decision making and sufficiently embrace nimble and flexible systems.

ATN looks forward to further announcements from the Federal Government as part of their important research commercialisation agenda. We welcome further details about how the suite of policies will help transform Australia’s commercialisation ecosystem.

Quotes attributable to ATN Executive Director, Mr Luke Sheehy:

“Through our innovation, ATN universities are proud disruptors challenging the status quo and ensuring we continue to meet the needs of a rapidly changing economy and society. It is fantastic to see the Government support more universities demonstrate this kind of initiative.

“The Prime Minister has shown that his Government understands the importance and transformative power of universities to change and improve our society and economy.”