University funding package an investment in our national recovery effort

12 April 2020

The Government’s announcement of a funding guarantee and allocation of 20,000 places in short courses in national priority areas is a recognition of the crucial role that universities have in responding to this crisis and will have in the eventual recovery.

Certainty of Commonwealth funding will ensure ATN universities to continue to deliver research and teaching for hundreds of thousands of students, while doing the heavy lifting in skills development to aid Australia’s recovery.

The 20,000 places in diplomas and graduate certificates in national priorities areas will re-skill and up-skill people to work as nurses, teachers, counsellors, allied health professionals and other important jobs.

With strong links to industry and depth of experience delivering work integrated programs, ATN universities have already begun programs to ensure Australians can get the work-ready skills they need to secure jobs.

“ATN universities have been quick to respond to this crisis, ensuring that students can study online and researchers are sharing their expertise and working with industry to support their employees” said ATN Chair Professor Attila Brungs.

“It is pleasing that the Government will support our universities which will allow us to continue to our important work of finding practical solutions to deal with this crisis.”

“We will work quickly to ensure Australians can get training and job-ready skills as well as supporting businesses to be innovative and create the new jobs that will support Australia during this challenging time” said Professor Brungs.

ATN researchers are already helping to implement practical solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Innovations which come from university research and teaching will underpin the economic recovery that will be required in future and ATN universities stand ready to assist in the crisis.