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The universities that make up the Australian Technology Network of Universities (ATN) are the engine room of new ideas that will shape Australia’s prosperity for years to come.

At ATN, the research we do has real-world impact. We are leaders in collaboration with industry partners and other universities to leverage the right skills in research, engagement and commercialisation. Our research drives benefits for the economy, for people’s health and safety, and for meeting the world’s biggest challenges.

Along with innovative, flexible, workplace-connected teaching and a deep commitment to access and social justice, research with real-world impact is a part of ATN Universities’ DNA.

ATN Universities are joined by The University of Newcastle.

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Curtin University

RMIT University


Improving quality of life for patients with dementia and their carers

Autism Academy for Software Quality Assurance

Developing employment opportunities for people living with autism

New protein sources

Innovating feed crops to meet global demand


Remote operations expertise leveraged between earth, the moon and space

Innovative justice

Preventing family violence through systemic changes

Biosolid management

Saving time and money through improved understanding of wastewater risk

Reducing the youth road toll

Peer facilitators making the difference


Driving cost-efficient and effective management of infrastructure assets

University of South Australia


Pandemic drone

Monitoring the health of the crowd from a bird’s eye view

Future Industries Institute

Tackling industry challenges through collaboration


Commercialisation support enables local fire mapping technology to reach the world

Mental health and suicide prevention

Research-led transformations to practice and policy

Algae biotechnology

A new global industry sector with mega potential based on microscopic species

Safeguarding seafood

Helping the seafood industry anticipate and avoid marine microbe threats

Water security

Holistic approaches to water management and drought preparedness

Infrastructure robotics

A game changer for worker safety and cost-effective maintenance

Deakin University

The University of Newcastle


New sensing technology to protect against domestic terror threat and detect biohazards


New housing forms using iconic corrugated steel in bushfire zones

HeiQ Australia

Seamless partnership between industry and researchers creates global textile innovations

Electric motorbike

Unlocking hidden entrepreneurship to develop new products for global markets

Printed solar cells

A new paradigm for renewable energy technology and job creation

Quality Teaching

A proven approach to enhancing teaching performance and accelerating student outcomes

Hone Global

Putting real-time decision making in the palm of farmers’ hands


Using the cold virus to kill cancer cells