Policy and Impact Futures – Understanding Contemporary Policy Making in Practice

Policy and Impact Futures invites you to explore the skills needed to develop fit-for-purpose policy. Introducing the Australian policy cycle, and the frameworks and context surrounding policy, participants will learn to navigate real-world policy challenges and complex decision-making environments.

This module is based on the premise that evidence-based policy is at the core of all reform, and that quality government and public policy emerges from, and is formed in, the analysis of key internal and external forces.

This module offers you a foundation in the principles, knowledge and skills needed for policy formulation, strategy, implementation and review. It focuses on contextualising key policy frameworks while exploring their impact, real-word challenges and opportunities.

Accompanying the two workshops are pre-readings and a reflection task, helping participants develop a contextual understanding of the topics explored in class. Conceptualising the module, participants will complete both an individual and group assessment – exploring a policy challenge and developing a solution.

Module Themes: 

This module explores the following topics:

  • What is policy and the context and threats to effective public policy in a complex and changing environment.
  • The policy cycle and a staged approach to policy design and implementation.
  • The challenges of evidence-based policymaking and influencing decision makers.
  • Measuring success and the issues and challenges of evaluating policy impacts.

Over two workshops and pre-workshop activities, participants will explore the following themes:

  • the critical factors influencing successful policy
  • the need for designing results-focused approaches to policymaking
  • the importance of getting the evidence base right
  • how successful policies can respond to current and emerging circumstances
  • how volatile and changing reform agendas shape contemporary challenges into successful policy
  • the role of capability uplift in core policy making competencies.

Learning Outcomes: 

Upon completing this module, students should have:

  • an understanding of what good policy is and how to develop, implement and review its impacts
  • conceptual, strategic and practice skills in contemporary public policy making
  • insights, options and techniques for approaching complex policy issues in a volatile and changing environment.

Who Should Enrol?

ATN Frontiers is free of charge to eligible students from ATN member universities.

This module is suitable for all Higher Degree by Research students of all disciplines. Whilst all students can apply, priority enrolment will be given to students who have completed 3 or more Level 1 Frontiers modules.

Please note: Places are limited so we recommend registering interest as soon as possible.

2023 Delivery Dates:

Module Commencement Masterclasses Assessment Due Date
Quarter 4 2023 Week commencing Monday 20 November Friday 24 November (12:45 – 15:00pm AEDT);

Thursday 30 November (12:45 – 15:00pm AEDT); and

Thursday 7 December (12:45 – 15:00pm AEDT)

Task 1: Wednesday 6 December 17:00pm AEDT

Task 2: Thursday 14 December 17:00pm AEDT