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2022 Episode 3
Andrew Norton
Higher Education Commentator

Election Watch – Episode Six (What Happens Now?)
Professor John Phillimore
Curtin University

Election Watch – Episode Five (Mental Health)

Professor Frances Kay-Lambkin
University of Newcastle

Election Watch – Episode Four (Energy and Climate)

Doctor Carol Bond
RMIT University

2022 – Election Watch | Episode Three (Tax and the Economy)

Professor Helen Hodgson & Doctor Leonora Risse
Curtin University & RMIT University

2022 – Election Watch | Episode Two (Health)

Professor Adrian Esterman
University of South Australia

2022 – Election Watch | Episode One (Politics)

Professor John Phillimore
Curtin University

2022 – Episode Two

Professor Harlene Hayne CNZM
Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University

2022 – Episode One

Professor Alex Zelinsky AO
Vice-Chancellor and President, The University of Newcastle

Episode Twelve

ATN International Education Roundtable
Gabrielle Rolan and Seth Kunin

Episode Eleven

Hon Tanya Plibersek MP
Shadow Minister for Education

Episode Ten

John Molony and Jeffrey Smart
Deakin University and The Lygon Group

Episode Nine

Megan Lilly and Craig Robertson
Ai Group and TAFE Directors Australia

Episode Eight

Professor Attila Brungs
Vice-Chancellor and President, University of Technology Sydney

Episode Seven

Conor King and Prof Andrew Norton
Innovative Research Universities and Australian National University

Episode Six

Professor Iain Martin
Vice-Chancellor, Deakin University

Episode Five

Misha Schubert
Science & Technology Australia CEO

Episode Four

Professor David Lloyd
Vice Chancellor, University of South Australia

Episode Three

Tim Dodd
The Australian

Episode Two

Rebecca Hall

Episode One

Professor Deborah Terry AO
Vice-Chancellor, Curtin University