Tia - Curtin university

Meet Tia, she is in her second year of studying Occupational Therapy (OT) and lived on the Curtin Perth campus in her first year at one of our UniLodge residences. She moved from Northam, which is about 1.5 hours east of Perth, straight after high school and found the transition from living with her parents to being on her own initially really daunting but exciting. ⁠

While Northam wasn’t too far for Tia to travel back and forth each day, she made the decision to come live on campus as she believed it would be a good first stepping stone in coming to university. Not many other people from her town were coming to Perth to study so she was worried about feeling alone and wanted to have the opportunity to meet people from all around the world. She then got to share a dorm with other girls who had moved from rural towns like her as well as some international students and the occasional exchange student.⁠

Tia keeps her schedule busy working as a high school mentor, baby swim teacher and getting involved where she can with campus activities like social netball and food events put on by UniLodge (as it means she doesn’t have to cook!) Tia says that she likes to keep busy, as in her first semester she had just focused on her studies and felt like she wasn’t having much of a social life, and that by filling up her calendar this has brought her out of her shell a lot more. ⁠

Tia enjoys helping people and changing their lives for the better, so she felt like a career in OT was the perfect career path for her. The most challenging thing about her studies so far has been learning the anatomy content. She says that with so much to learn it can be very intense and you need stay on top of everything otherwise you will fall behind. ⁠

Tia looks forward to working as an OT and aims to work rurally as she feels like she has an understanding of rural life that many others from the city wouldn’t have. ⁠