Researchers showcases

  • A rising star in astronomy

    As a leader in the preconstruction of the world’s most powerful radio telescope, Curtin University is helping change the way we see the cosmos. Researchers at Curtin University are helping prepare the world for the arrival of the $2.5 billion Square Kilometre Array (SKA) radio telescope, which will... Read more
  • Anthropometry research to help build Navy of the future

    A University of South Australia research project using advanced 3D body scanning could help the Royal Australian Navy optimise working environments on ships and better design uniforms and specialist clothing. UniSA and the Defence Science Technology Organisation (DSTO) are collaborating under the... Read more
  • Battery research a boost for renewable energy viability

    With news that renewable energy technologies are increasingly beating both fossil fuels and nuclear energy on costs, work by UTS's Centre for Clean Energy Technology on more efficient battery technology is helping lower one more hurdle to the ascendancy of clean energy. Led by Professor Guoxiu... Read more
  • Composites fly high

    RMIT’s Professor Adrian Mouritz have collaborated with Boeing Research & Technology-Australia to undertake a number of futuristic research projects in advanced composites that may, in coming years, find applications on civil and military aircraft. Projects include the use of ultra-thin pins to... Read more
  • Genetic discovery to keep crops disease-free

    Curtin University researchers have found a way to breed disease-resistant wheat with no downside, potentially bringing multi-million dollar savings to Australia’s agricultural industry. Funded by the Grains Research & Development Corporation, Professor Richard Oliver, Director of the Australian... Read more
  • Giving Olympic athletes a competitive edge

    UTS human movement and sports scientists have teamed up with the French National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance to study the adaptation of athletes to different climates. The research will assist French athletes prepare for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games held in tropical Rio de... Read more
  • How the Earth works

    Acknowledged as one of the world’s leading geoscience researchers, Professor Zheng-Li from Curtin University’s Department of Applied Geology leads a fellowship project to better understand both Earth’s long history and the driving forces behind its evolution. This fellowship project aims to... Read more
  • Mood Food: Mediterranean diet linked to better mental health

    UniSA researchers have discovered that a traditional Mediterranean style diet may do more than improve physical health; it may also improve the life quality of people with depression. Preliminary results of research conducted by the Healthy Eating for Life with a Mediterranean Diet (HELFIMED) team... Read more
  • New iPad software keeps trains on time

    UniSA researchers have developed a train driver advice system that runs from an iPad, helping trains stay on time and reducing their energy use and carbon emissions by up to 20 per cent. Thirty years in the making, the Energymiser system was invented by researchers at UniSA’s School of... Read more
  • New vitamin therapy brings relief to migraine sufferers

    Collaboration between QUT and Indian life science company Avesthagen is paving the way for migraine genetics research to be translated into a new vitamin B-based preventative therapy. The collaboration will enable the translation of research by the Genomics Research Centre, led by Professor Lyn... Read more