ATN Science and Research Priorities Seed Funding Scheme

The ATN Science and Research Priorities Seed Funding scheme connects leading ATN researchers with industry and international collaborators to address global challenges and key areas of national importance highlighted in the Commonwealth Government’s Science and Research Priorities, and associated Practical Research Challenges.

The scheme aims to support more world-class research that will deliver real-world benefits and directly improve the lives of every day Australians.

Four out of the nine Priorities have been chosen to pilot this initiative: Energy; Resources; Soil and Water; and Environmental Change.

2016 ATN Science and Research Priorities Seed Funding recipients

Lead researcher Project team Priority area Project title
Prof Andy Ball (RMIT)

Prof S Vigneswaran (UTS)
Prof J Jegathessan (RMIT)
Prof F Roddick (RMIT)
Prof Alan Guwy (University of South Wales, UK)

Soil and Water Recycling and treatment of water under urban intensification
Dr Stephen Berry (UniSA)

Dr D Whaley (UniSA)
Ms G Hatvani-Kovacs (UniSA)
Prof R Horne (RMIT)
Dr T Moore (RMIT)
Dr L Nicholls (RMIT)
Sheffield Hallam University Liverpool John Moores University
Renewal SA
State Planning Authority (Victoria)

Energy; Environmental Change Buildings and precincts adapted for future climate change: User
perspectives in purpose built low energy housing
Dr Stephen Berry (UniSA)

Prof G Morrison (Curtin)
Dr V Rauland (Curtin)
Prof R Horne
D T Moore (RMIT)
As Pr C Riedy (UTS)
Dr John
McKibben (UTS)
Dr W Miller (QUT)

Researchers will be visiting to UK to co-host an International
Symposium with University Alliance (UA) and participate in UA’s
Doctoral Training Alliance in Energy

Energy; Environmental Change Buildings and precincts adapted for future climate change: Integrated
approach to low energy housing (new and retrofits) – Symposium and
Doctoral Training Centre Summer School
Prof Ashantha Goonetilleke (QUT)

Prof Saravanamuth Vigneswaran (UTS)
Prof Jega Jegathessan
Prof John Van Leeuwen (UniSA)

Soil and Water Enhancing the liveability of cities: Optimising urban stormwater
Dr Hao Liu (UTS)

Dr Jian Liu (Curtin)
Prof Shaobin Wang (Curtin)
Prof Guoxiu
Wang (UTS)
Prof Kostya Ostrikov (CSIRO)
Dr Yingjie Zhang

Energy Design of Novel Nanostructured Electrocatalysts and Their Applications
for Energy Storage and Conversion
A/Prof Hadi Khabbaz (UTS)

Dr Behzad Fatahi (UTS)
Prof Hamid Nikraz (Curtin)
Terzaghi (Arup Australasian)
Robert Jones (Arup)
Dr Jeffrey
Lee (Australian Road Research Board (ARRB))
Andrew Beecroft
(Australian Road Research Board (ARRB))
Jim Crane (Australian
Sugar Milling Council (ASMC))

Soil and Water Advances in Characterization and Treatment of Expansive Soils Using
Agricultural and Industrial Wastes
A/Prof Frank Bruno (UniSA)

A/Prof Frank Bruno (UniSA)
Prof John Bell (QUT)
Wendy Miller (QUT)
Prof Wasim Saman (UniSA)
Dr Martin
Belusko (UniSA)
Dr David Whaley (UniSA)
Dr Stephen Berry
Prof Behzad Sodagar (University of Lincoln, UK)
Raymond Ogden (Oxford Brookes University, UK)
Professor Amin
Al-Habaibeh (Nottingham Trent University, UK)
Prof Will Swan
(University of Salford, UK)
Dr. Ross Wilkins (Coventry
University, UK)

Energy High Level Building Energy Use and Performance Data Comparison

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